Options Framework for WordPress Themes and Plugins

Options Framework


The Options Framework Plugin makes it easy to include an options panel in any WordPress theme. It was built so developers can concentrate on making the actual theme rather than spending time creating an options panel from scratch. It’s free to use in both commercial and personal projects, just like WordPress itself.

Options Include

  • text input
  • textarea
  • checkbox
  • select
  • radio button
  • upload (image uploader)
  • images (use images instead of radio buttons)
  • background (a set of options to define a background)
  • multicheck
  • color (a jquery color picker)
  • typography (a set of options to define typography)
  • editor

There is also a theme version of Options Framework if that better fits your project.

Redux Framework

Redux is a simple, truly extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins.

Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as custom error handling, custom field & validation types, and import/export functionality. If you haven’t tried it yet, there’s no time like the present!

OptionThree Framework Plugin

OptionTree attempts to bridge the gap between WordPress developers, designers and end-users by creating fully responsive option panels and meta boxes with an ease unlike any other plugin. OptionTree has many advanced features with well placed hooks and filters to adjust every aspect of the user experience.

Build your Theme Options panel locally with an easy to use drag & drop interface and then export a functioning theme-options.php file for production use that is i18n translation ready, with your custom text domain automatically inserted.

UpTheme Framework

UpThemes created this awesome framework based on the Settings API. The framework also uses the built-in WordPress media uploader to keep it light and secure. You can add lots of customization options for your users like colors, layouts, fonts and more. Plus, UpThemes built-in a live theme customizer so you can preview each of your customizations (i.e. a color swatch or font snippet).

You have two options – either download the framework from github and paste the unzipped contents into your options.php, or add the framework as a submodule to your theme (this way any updates to the framework will be automatic). There is a whole Getting Started Guide on the UpThemes Framework page with detailed instructions, making both installation methods super easy.

NHP Theme Options Framework

The NHP Options Framework is derived from a mix of the Options Framework Plugin and the UpThemes framework. This framework has user friendly settings tabs, integration with the WordPress built-in Settings API, custom error tools and messages, and best of all you can easily customize and extend this framework. Create custom fields (text, buttons, uploads, tags, colors, checkboxes, etc.) or validations (urls, HTML inputs, hex values, dates, etc.) with extendible field classes and validation classes – or do both with callback functions.

Titan Framework

Vafpress Framework

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